Israel's criminals persist, even in war: Prison drama unfolds

Ohalei Keidar Detention Center activates state of emergency following arson incident involving crime organization leader

 Amos Lavi (photo credit: FLASH90)
Amos Lavi
(photo credit: FLASH90)

A state of emergency was declared at the Ohalei Keidar Detention Center in the Beersheba region after several inmates set fire to mattresses and clothes in their wing on Sunday.

Security guards promptly extinguished the flames, and fire and rescue services were called in.

The incident unfolded when prisoners found to be associated with Amos Lavi, the leader of a crime organization, had unusual requests denied by the prison service.

One guard sustained minor injuries from the incident.


Once the fire was put out, the cells of the involved detainees were flipped and they were escorted out, handcuffed, and subjected to disciplinary and criminal procedures.

All individuals involved were examined by the unit's medical staff, but no further treatment was necessary, except for the one guard who suffered minor smoke inhalation.