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Colorful mix of local dishes and recipes brought from all over the world. The Israeli cuisine is frequently ranked among the top ten healthiest diets in the world being quite similar to the Mediterranean diet. 'Israeli Food' brings you the best Jewish recipes and news from the culinary world.

Old-fashioned orange cake: The perfect winter recipe

Indulge in the delightful flavors of the orange season with this nostalgic, aromatic orange cake.


Pascale's Kitchen: Locally grown produce

Israel is finally waking up to the existential importance of its food security and is realizing that importing fruits and vegetables poses a threat. Here are recipes using Israeli produce.

Ida’s Café: A perfect, stylish eating emporium in Ra’anana

With its good location in the center of town, its menu of tasty and unusual dishes and its personal service, Ida’s Café is well worth a visit.

Israel-Hamas war creates shortage of snacks, frozen pizza

Reasons include malfunctioning ammonia tank and lack of workers.


Khao Tom: Thai chicken soup with chicken balls recipe

A warm and flavorful soup dish enjoyed throughout the day in Thailand, featuring aromatic stock, white rice, chicken meatballs, and a delicious freshly-cooked egg.


The perfect one-pot sofrito recipe: Chicken, potatoes, onions

Introducing Chef Felix Rosenthal's irresistible sofrito recipe made with chicken, potatoes, and onions that will leave you hooked on its flavors.


Processed foods are not as unhealthy as you think - new study

Despite being part of the ultra-processed foods category, bread and cereals can reduce the risk of some diseases due to their fiber content.


Pascale's Kitchen: Portable eats

As with Jews throughout time, nothing soothes like home cooked foods, especially those you can bring directly to the soldiers.

Easy drink recipes, alcohol optional, to make to keep calm

In this week’s column, I’m going to share easy recipes for drinks with an alcoholic option, as well as general tips for drinking responsibly.


Florentina: A well-deserved break for IDF soldiers in Tel Aviv - review

Florentin is a very arty Bohemian part of the city, founded originally by Greek immigrants in the early 1920s. It’s following in the footsteps of nearby Neveh Tzedek in its gentrification plans.

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