Crisis response: Eilat welcomes thousands seeking shelter and support

Amid ongoing conflict, Eilat opens its doors to thousands evacuated by the IDF, providing accommodations, essential supplies, and emotional support to residents from nearby areas.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

In the midst of turmoil in the southern region, Eilat has sprung into action, welcoming thousands of civilians and residents evacuated by the IDF into residents' homes and city hotels. Eilat's municipality has orchestrated a comprehensive response to ensure evacuees have a comfortable and peaceful stay.

In addition to a remarkable influx of supplies, including baby essentials, clothing, and children's games, Mayor Eli Lankri has assembled special care teams to offer guidance and immediate assistance. Last night, 15 social workers from the municipality's social services department accompanied evacuees from the nearby settlements who sought refuge in Eilat.

Moreover, two psychological support centers for families were established in cooperation with the municipal social services department, psychologists from the educational psychological service, therapists from the mental health center in Eilat, the Health Ministry, and health insurance providers.

These centers, located at the Isrotel Red Sea Hotel and the Royal Garden Hotel, offer individual support for grieving families, emotional counseling, and group therapy. The Palm Clinic's mental health center also provides tailored treatment.

Second-Hand Clothing Center

A spacious complex offering a wide array of second-hand clothing in all sizes and types has opened its doors to evacuees. They are encouraged to select clothing, shoes, and other items free of charge through the partnership with "Bigudit" (clothing) of WIZO, with the municipality's support.

The Municipal Tourism Corporation has designed a range of benefits and initiatives to provide hospitality and respite to residents from the South and surrounding areas. These include complimentary admission to Dolphin Reef, indoor and beach sports as part of the "Naim BeEilat" (Pleasant in Eilat) city project, free access to the Eilat City Museum and Bird Park, children's judo activities, yoga, swimming, painting, and more.

Qualified sports instructors and community center network classes are offered at the hotels to engage children. Additionally, parent guides from the community center network offer lessons to both parents and children. Restaurants extend complimentary meals to uniformed individuals and provide significant discounts to residents from nearby areas.

The Yossi Avrahami Company has announced that it is currently accommodating several families at the Akoya Hotel in Eilat, including rooms accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Mayor Lankri conducts regular visits to hotels to inquire about evacuees' well-being and closely monitor their needs. The municipality's emergency and security department collaborates with the Home Front Command to stay in touch with hotels and provide rapid responses. Simultaneously, a logistics center will open at the Shahmon community center to collect residents' donations and promptly distribute them according to need.