The Jerusalem Burial Society: On the front lines

  (photo credit: The Jerusalem Burial Society)
(photo credit: The Jerusalem Burial Society)

The horrific massacre that occurred last October 7 thrust the Jerusalem Burial Society into action from the outset. Following the heart-wrenching, drawn-out identification process, bodies of massacre victims were transferred to the burial society in Rishon L’Tzion. Members of the Jerusalem Burial Society arrived as soon as possible to help prepare them for burial in the most respectable manner possible. “Tragically, due to the many terror attacks that have occurred in Jerusalem over the years, we have extensive experience dealing with terror victims, and we immediately came to offer our services,” explained CEO Moshe Shimon.

Moreover, as the leading burial society in Jerusalem, and one of the largest in the country, the Jerusalem Burial Society was invited to participate in meetings with government representatives at the highest level, for briefings on emergency preparedness in light of the war. 

One of the defining aspects of the society is its ability to navigate uncompromising adherence to Jewish law, while meeting the needs and preferences of individuals with utmost sensitivity. An example of this was seen just two weeks into the war, when the family of a soldier who fell in Gaza expressed their desire to bury their son on Har Hamenuchot next to a close family member (and not in the military cemetery on Har Herzl). Employing the utmost tact and diplomacy, given the sensitive circumstances, the Jerusalem Burial Society succeeded in ensuring that the traditional protocols and laws were upheld, without causing a fracas or undue pain to family members. 

For Jews in Israel or across the globe, the Jerusalem Burial Society presents a wide array of choices and price scales, from graves under the open sky to technologically advanced underground burial chambers.

The latter, an advanced project named Hallowed Halls of Eternal Life (Minharot Olam), was initiated as an answer to the growing problem of limited space at the Har Hamenuchot cemetery. With no room for expansion, this cemetery is fast approaching its limit. The Hallowed Halls complex allows for a respectful burial in line with the most stringent religious standards, approved by Israel's Chief Rabbis.

Hailed as a "masterpiece of modern engineering," the Hallowed Halls are fully accessible via elevators and golf carts. Security features like closed-circuit cameras, round-the-clock surveillance, and an intercom system provide visitors with peace of mind. WiFi and cell phone coverage are accessible throughout the site, and innovative thermostat technology maintains a consistent temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year, ensuring that memorial services can take place irrespective of weather conditions.

No less important, the dedicated team of the Jerusalem Burial Society offers round-the-clock support to grieving families, from a place of understanding that they are experiencing one of life’s most painful moments. 

"Our goal is to provide reassurance through personal attention and empathy. We want families to feel supported during their difficult time,” said Shimon.

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This article was written in cooperation with Jerusalem Burial Society