Israel’s rich biblical history can be found in the country’s archaeology. The Jerusalem Post shares the latest on archaeological excavations at significant biblical and historical sites in Israel and the region.

These are some of the coolest things found trapped in ice

Archaeology isn't just limited to dirt, rocks, and water. Plenty of major historical discoveries were also found trapped away in the ice. 


Everything you'd ever want to know about the Maya civilization

Who were the Maya? What do we know about them? What language did they use? What calendar? Did they use human sacrifice?

Ancient Greek shipwreck reveals new treasures in recent excavation

The Roman-era ship has yielded a wealth of artifacts over the years, including bronze and marble statues, human remains, and the famous Antikythera Mechanism/

Bulgarian archaeologists find marble god in ancient Roman sewer

The discovery of the 6.8-foot (2-meter) tall statue was made during excavation work at the site of the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica in southwestern Bulgaria, which lies close to the Greek border.


Italian research team possibly locates renowned philosopher Plato's precise resting place

Plato's possible final resting place was hinted at through deciphering ancient scroll, linking him to a garden at the Academy in Athens, recent research using advanced imaging technologies shows.


Evidence of smallpox in 16th century Peru uncovered in Incan children's skeletal remains

The defects found on the bones of the two children highlight a devastating impact of European colonization.

Discovery of oldest sea monster fossil in New Zealand sheds light on dawn of dinosaur age

Oldest polar sea dinosaur vertebra, 246 million years old, found in New Zealand challenges migration theories, shedding light on early Southern Hemisphere reptile presence.


Wreck of famed Shackleton’s last expedition ship ‘Quest’ found underwater off Canada’s coast

The wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton's last ship, Quest, was found off Canada's coast, 62 years after it vanished, using sonar scans by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.


Lost Assyrian camp uncovered: Could it prove the biblical siege of Jerusalem?

Stephen Compton, an expert in Near Eastern archaeology, used modern mapping techniques to identify the remains of what he believes to be ancient Assyrian military camps dating back to around 700 B.C.

Ancient graffiti leads archaeologists on a treasure hunt for lost ancient Athenian temple

It is believed that the temple could have been destroyed during the Greco-Persian wars.

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