Antisemitism is hostility towards or prejudice against the Jewish people. Since biblical times, Jews experienced periods in which they were persecuted for refusing to adopt the religion and culture of the ruling societies in which they lived. The rise of Christianity and perception of Jews as rejectors of Jesus led to a rise in antisemitism.

UK Jewish woman left unconscious after brutal attack

Two women were filmed continuing to kick the victim as she lay on the ground unconscious.

Somebody should ‘blow up’ Jewish conference, says disgraced UK academic

The BBC confirmed that the incident involving Sociologist Harriet Bradley is being investigated by the police.

Jewish students are hiding who they are as antisemitism surges - opinion

Yeshiva University president Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman on the surge of hate on US campuses.


French man sentenced to 12 years in prison for antisemitic attack

During the heinous attack, the perpetrators tied up the couple, ransacked their home for cash under the stereotype that "Jews don’t put money in the bank," and subjected the young woman to rape.


Over 40% of UK Jews feel threatened by antisemitic conspiracy beliefs

Over 40% of Jews living in the UK reported feeling threatened by the widespread belief in conspiracies aimed at them.


Rabbi quits Harvard's antisemitism committee, says system is evil

The rabbi stressed that he believes that Harvard University is "still a repository of extraordinary minds and important research."

White House condemns pro-Oct. 7 comments by CAIR director

"[Gazans] have the right to defend themselves... Israel, as an occupying power, does not have that right to self-defense," CAIR director Nihad Awad said at a conference.

Shots fired fired at Albany synagogue with preschool, suspect in custody

The suspect shouted “Free Palestine” during the incident, Albany’s Times Union reported, citing police and another source.


US House Committee opens investigation into Harvard, Penn, MIT after antisemitism hearing

The panel said it believed the schools were not doing enough to address "rampant antisemitism" on their campuses.


Have American universities become a hotbed of antisemitism?

While the federal government takes threats of antisemitism seriously, Jay Ruderman can’t say the same for leadership at many of America’s most elite schools.

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